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Accessories At The Rocking Horse

Tapestry Needles ~ by John James

size 24
size 26
size 28

petite needles size 24
petite needles size 26
petite needles size 28

Anchor Needles

Gold tapestry size 24

Beading Needles

MA Beading Size 10
​DMC Beading Needles Size 10/12

Beads & Buttons

Beads by Mill Hill
Treasures by Mill Hill
Buttons by Mill Hill
Buttons by Just Another Button Company

Tacky Bob to hold your beads - works great!

Qsnaps - holds fabric tight while stitching

6 x 6
​8 x 8
​11 x 17
​17 x 17

Covers for the Qsnaps to help keep grime off your Qsnap while stitching


Thread Heaven - synthetic thread conditioner to help stop fraying
​Floss Keys (bobins) chipboard and plastic
​Plastic bobin boxes to hold your floss on the bobins
​needle necessity kits - includes 24/26 tapestry needles, magnetic needle case and LoRan needle threader
​needle threaders
​Hoops to hold your fabric tight while you stitch
​magnetic high lighters to help you keep your place on your patterns
​Graph Paper for your cross stitch creations
​Graph Tracing Paper
Fabric Gages
​Cross Stitch Gage
​Fray Stop
​Floss Paks in 30 or 100

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